For 47 years has been erecting interior and exterior steel stairs with guard rails and hand rails,steel, stainless steel, and aluminum hand rails,steel ladders with cages, ornamental rails, steelbeams and columns, steel joists and steel deck for floors and roofs, furnishing detailed shop drawings to standards of The american Institute of Steel Construction.
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When you want to build a steel project, you need to work with a firm that is recognized in the industry for quality steel design, manufacturing, and building. Any construction project, or 3-D design requiring steel fabricated components, will only succeed if you get the best quality steel, designed to last for many years and fulfill its intended functions.

 We are a Welding Company that specializes in Fabricating many types of Structural Steel. Our team of engineers and fabricators also performs other types of Metal Work projects. It doesn’t hurt to suggest a project and see if we can handle it!

The best way to understand our total array of services is to contact our company at (401) 884-1484. You can speak with a customer service representative, explain your business or consumer needs, and talk to a representative in the right department.

The person you ultimately speak with will ask great questions, assess your needs, and then prepare a competitive project quote. If you have a very large project, you may require more extensive consultation with our talented design team.

Thank you for considering our firm, trusting us to design and build steel components in our RI firm. Each client is very important to us. Without you, we would not be able to grow and continue our work in the ever-evolving steel industry.

On the website, you will also find more details about our specialized services. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but they give you a sense of our company culture, our design and build principles, and who our clients might be. If you are not sure what we can accommodate in our facilities, ask a rep.

Steel structures are a great way to recycle many of the components in the post-industrial and post-consumer worlds. A steel structure will last for many years, standing up to harsh weather conditions, providing protection to human inhabitants, and offering safety and security for business machinery.

The next time you plan a building project, talk to us about the affordability of steel components. You might be surprised what steel can do for your project!

If you need more reasons to work with us, we will be happy to provide more information about our experience. We have many satisfied customers who return again and again for our reliable steel services. It is the attention to details we use at every stage of design, fabrication, and construction that ensures clients get safe buildings and building components. 

Professional Welding Services from Engineering Welding & Fabricating
If you need services that are a notch above the competition, you need Engineering Welding & Fabricating. We are a full service welding company and can work within your time frames and your budget. Our crew is efficient and courteous and we will go out of our way to meet your needs. Our services include:

Design Built Structures
Miscellaneous Metals
Steel Erection
Steel Joist and Deck
Structural Steel
Call us today at (401) 884-1484 for a professional assessment of your project. We serve the entire nearby MA & CT area, and have a built a reputation for highest quality work at reasonable rates since 1960.

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